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AE NT Series

The launch of the new AE-NT punching machine confirms AMADA's status as the leader in electric punching. Complete with an energy saving AC servo drive, this turret punch provides the very latest processing capabilities available in punching.

Excellent Part Quality

  • Patented bridge frame construction
  • Scratch free processing with brush table

High Productivity

  • 20 Tonne Electric Servo direct drive punch mechanism
  • Large capacity 51 station turret
  • High speed progressive forming

Reliable Operation

  • Air blow tool lubrication
  • Eliminate slug pull with Power Vacuum die system
  • Parts workchute

Easy to Use

  • AMNC touch screen control

Compact and Efficient

  • Small footprint
  • ECO friendly power saving drive system
  • Flexible position of freestanding CNC control unit

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