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EM ZRT Series

The next generation of the cutting edge EM Series turret punch press with 300 station tool storage unit and high speed automatic tool changing. Utilising power saving electric servo drives, this innovative machine combines high speed production, impressive reliability and numerous cost and process improvements. Additional productivity enhancing features include scratch free processing with a concealed lower turret, ID Tooling system for digital tool control and a range of automated sheet load/unload options.

Excellent Quality

  • Scratch free processing with ZR brush covered lower turret
  • Patented bridge frame design for ultimate rigidity
  • Precise ram motion control

High Productivity

  • 300 station high speed (TSU) automatic tool changer
  • Multi-purpose turret (MPT) with 4 tapping stations
  • Reduced secondary operations with advanced forming functions
  • Highest real world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy
  • Process 3000 x 1500 sheets without reposition
  • 30 ton punching force

Easy to Use

  • AMNC touch screen control
  • Windows based and network compatible
  • Equipped with automatic tool changer
  • ID tool system
  • Automatic die height adjustment

Compact and Efficient

  • 70% power saving over a conventional hydraulic machine
  • No chiller required
  • No complex hydraulics
  • Flexible position of free standing control

Reliable Operation

  • Air blow tool lubrication extends tool life
  • Eliminate slug pull with vacuum die system
  • Proven modular automation options
  • Broken tap tool detection system



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