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EP Panel Bender

The new AMADA EP-2500 panel bender has been developed to realise new levels of production speed, efficiency and versatility. With new innovations to streamline programming and expand the material processing range, the EP-2500 removes many restrictions that are associated with conventional panel bending. All combined with an extensive range of automation options to provide a blanking-to-bending solution for your specific requirements.

Cost Effective Production

  • Automated panel bending cell
  • Servo electric drives for low running costs
  • Capable of folding large format or complex shapes
  • Expanded minimum and maximum part processing ability
  • Expanded material thickness range

High Precision Operation

  • Control of bending movement enables complex quality bending
  • Auxiliary upper tool feature
  • Off centre component gripping and forming
  • Single tool minimises component marking

Fast and Easy Part Processing

  • Offline graphical programming software
  • Simultaneous part load/unload to minimise cycle times

Reliable Automated Operation

  • Automatic tool changer
  • Automatic tool selection and positioning
  • 7 automated cell options

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