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FOL3015 Fiber

Amada self-developed the fiber laser oscillator which enabled expansion and ecology of the processing domain for the first time in the world as a laser machine maker.

The fiber laser machine of Amada can meet demands such as "want to reduce a maintenance expense to occur regularly", "want to open the width of processing materials", "want to reduce an electricity bill of the idle time", "want to reduce an electricity bill at the time of the cutting", "want to cut with high speed". It can contribute to the expansion of the processing domain greatly.


Fiber Laser System Developed by AMADA

  • Synchronised machine & oscillator for optimum performance
  • Fibre beam generation and fibre beam delivery
  • 4kW or 2kW fibre laser oscillator options
  • Efficient beam delivery
  • Flexible factory layouts

Fast Material Processing

  • All linear drive axis – 5G & 340 m/min
  • Up to 100 m/min cutting speeds

Increased Cutting Range

  • Capable of cutting copper, brass and titanium
  • High maximum cutting thickness

Low Running Costs

  • Up to 70% electricity savings compared to CO2
  • No internal mirrors or laser gas
  • Long maintenance cycles
  • Short power on – off times

Superior Part Edge Quality

  • Reliable laser beam
  • Modular oscillator for repeatability
  • CoolingCut & oil spray function

Reliable Automated Operation 

  • Automatic pierce & cut process monitoring
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Proven automation options
Easy Operation
  • AMNC touch screen control

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