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HG Rm Series

By using the high specification HG press brake as their base, the HG Rm range of automated bending cells are particularly flexible. Equipped with user friendly control technologies and offering high precision operation with fast processing speeds. The HG-1303 Rm offers innovative automated bending solutions to improve efficiency and open the door to new business markets.

Cost Effective Production

  • Fully automated bending cell
  • 50% power saving & 60% less oil

High Precision Operation

  • Hybrid drive - electric servo driven hydraulics
  • Consistent angle accuracy
  • BI-S automatic angle measurement system

Reliable Automated Operation

  • Automatic gripper changer
  • Thickness detection system (TDS) to automatically measure material
  • Force control system

Fast and Easy Part Processing

  • Dedicated offline programming software
  • AMNC 3i 3D touch screen control


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