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HG Series

As a market leader in the sheet metal industry and with a long history of producing innovative and reliable press brake machines, the new HG range is eagerly anticipated. Featuring a patented hybrid drive system and a new ‘Smartphone style' 3D control unit, the HG is the fastest and most accurate press brake within the Amada range.

Reduced Power and Maintenance

  • Hybrid Drive – electric servo driven hydraulics
  • Ecological - 50% power saving and 60% less oil

High Speed Operation

  • 20mm/s bend speed and 220 mm/s approach

High Precision Operation

  • Positioning accuracy of 0.001mm
  • Beam adjusts during part processing
  • Automatic material thickness detection
  • BI-S or BI-L automatic angle measurement system options

Fast and Easy Part Processing

  • Multi CNC controlled axis
  • Multi touch screen 3D control
  • BendNavi control software – input DXF files to control
  • Automatic sliding foot pedal (option)
  • L-Shift backgauge for complex part gauging (option)
  • Wireless DIGIPRO

Fast and Secure Tool Clamping

  • Amada A Grip-M tool clamps
  • S-Grip/Wila/Pneumatic options

CADCAM Software Solution Pack

  • Production Designer – accurate processing of 2D & 3D files
  • Dr ABEII – automated offline programming

Bending Solution Pack Options

  • Sheet followers

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