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LCG3015 AJ 6KW

The high-performance fiber laser all-round system for broad-based manufacturer energy conservation to ensure maximum performance. The LCG AJ Series uses approximately a third of the electricity required by the same wattage CO2 laser system.

It is also three times more efficient with the electricity it does utilise, reducing costs and providing a more environmentally friendly laser system.   The LCG AJ Series does not require laser gas, mirrors or any other items typically associated with generating a CO2 laser beam.  A single fiber optic delivery cable eliminates the needs for additional external mirrors.  The result is significantly less operating costs and maintenance.   Additionally the LCG AJ Series can be fully automated with a variety of material handling options designed and manufactured by AMADA. 

When reliable maximum performance at low energy consumption is required, you can rely on AMADA’s established high-performance laser equipment with broadband application spectrum. 


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