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The Amada MP-F is designed to help you improve productivity and increase profits whilst reducing lead-time and cutting costs. This fully automated material load and unload system has a small footprint and provides flexible manufacturing of individual parts or large production runs.

High Productivity

  • Automated handling of raw material and cut parts
  • Capable of handling large range of materials
  • Fast cycle times - automated or manual load
  • ‘Lights-out’ production to increase capacity
  • Reduces down time between jobs
  • Minimises manual handling
  • Flexible production of small to medium size batches

Reliable Operation

  • Job scheduling for continuous production
  • Integrated sheet separation device
  • Automatic sheet thickness checks
  • Email contact on machine stop or schedule end (AMNC function)

Compact and Flexible

  • Use automated or as shuttle exchange as production requires

Easy to Use

  • Low maintenance
  • Simple scheduling software
  • Long running schedules or one off jobs

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