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TK 3015 L

The Amada TK-L provides a solution for the automatic collection, sorting and stacking of laser cut parts without interruption of the laser machine. 

Off line programming is possible with the integration of Amada’s Dr. ABE Blank software.  Smooth vacuum handling and a minimum part drop height allows the easy processing of surface sensitive materials.  Precise stacking of parts makes robotic bending or other automated handling possible in the next production process.

High Productivity

  • Parts picked, sorted and stacked whilst the machine is running
  • High speed suction unit minimizes interruption

Reliable Operation

  • Part drop sensors
  • Retry function
  • Email contact on machine stop or schedule end

Compact and Flexible

  • Easy access for unloading of stacked parts
  • Modular system – can be connected to storage systems

Easy to Use

  • Precise stacking of finished parts
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple scheduling software

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