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81 Series


The 81 Series Timesavers Solution for Precision Grinding


A precision grinding machine is also called a calibration machine. The 81 series is the largest Timesaver machine we offer; using a reciprocating bed, high horsepower, and manufactured in the Netherlands. This machine uses wide belt coated abrasives to hold very tight tolerances; and is regularly used to precision grind titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, aluminum nickel alloys, and carbon steel with an accuracy of +- 0,02 mm by using coated abrasives.

Each machine is custom built to your specifications. The precision grinding or calibration is performed with the use of a wide belt abrasive to reduce the thickness of a component to a fixed dimension. This often requires a slow conveyor speed or a reciprocating table with high horsepower per inch of the sanding belt, hard sanding rollers, high abrasive belt speeds, and coarse grit abrasive belts. Milling with a cutting tool is the fastest and least expensive way to calibrate but the finish is often too rough.


Precision grinding with the 81 series has lower operational costs than the more traditional stone grinding. Stone grinding provides an excellent finish but is slow and expensive. Precision grinding with a wide belt machine typically has a cost closer to milling but a finish closer to stone grinding, making it an excellent alternative. Timesavers will run samples to demonstrate results on your product.


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