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Blade suitable for cutting difficult-to-cut materials with medium and large diameters such as stainless steel and hot work die steel materials.



The blade material is AMADA's original highest grade high speed steel M71 jointly developed with a leading steelmaker

Tooth tip wear is reduced and blade life is significantly improved compared to M42 cobalt high speed steel blades

The dispersed kerf type tooth profile with varying (Hi-Lo) tooth height and set achieves smaller chips and lower cutting resistance


A high positive rake angle is employed in the tooth profile to increase cutting performance


Longer blade life is achieved for materials with medium and large diameters that have a high degree of cutting resistance such as tool steel, stainless steel and super heat resisting steel materials


Lineup of products

Band width
Band thickness
1.1/1.5 2/3 3/4
34 1.1 -
41 1.3 -
54 1.6 -
67 1.6 -
80 1.6 - -


● : Standard item / ▲ : Separate order required

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.



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