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Blade suitable for cutting structural steel materials (blade advantageous in tooth chipping resistance)


The “Protector” located on the tooth tip relief faces prevents excessive cutting and continuous tooth chipping


Innovative blade developed with a focus on the prevention of chipping during the cutting of structural steel materials subjected to severe vibration

Special treatment and processing to eliminate the need of break-in cutting

Blade made of AMADA's original modified high speed steel characterized by significantly improved toughness, based on M42 cobalt high speed steel


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Band width
Band thickness
2/3WS 3/4 3/4WS 4/6
27 0.9 - -
34 1.1 - -
41 1.3 -
54 1.3 - - -
67 1.6 - -


* The WS (Wide set) type blade is a special saw blade with a measure against pinching which occurs easily when cutting the roll formed large size H-beam (applicable to H-beam whose width is over 400mm and mainly intended for that of 600mm or more width). The "PROTECTOR" WS type blade is a special saw blade with an intensified measure against pinching than the conventional WS type blade. Using of the WS type blade for cutting the material where no pinching would occur may shorten the service life of the blade.

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.


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